Mazatlan: the real engine of tourism in Sinaloa


Culiacán, Sin.- “During the two years in the of the State Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel administration, the growth of Tourism stands out in Sinaloa, however, it seems like this subject involves only the municipality of Mazatlán”, said one of the Canirac leaders, highlighting the importance and success of the Tourism Tianguis 2018.

“But there are other municipalities that could be positioned as tourist destinations, although these require support, promotion and investment”, said the president of the Canaco, Octavio Crespo Sánchez.

The historic center of Culiacán has many deficiencies in infrastructure, in needs to improve its streets, sidewalks, image, wiring, and most of all, there is a lot to do in the subject of ​​urban transport reordering.

The president of the restaurant sector, Mariel López Quiroz, agreed on the topic, lamenting that efforts focus on the growth of tourism only in the municipality of Mazatlan.

“Mazatlan is the real engine of tourism in Sinaloa, and although Culiacán is the capital of the state, the city lacks infrastructure to position itself as an attractive tourist destination, and take advantage of events that leave a significant economic impact such as is the Expo Agro,” concluded Lopez Quiroz.

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