Mazatlan: City will adhere to the regulations in the issuance of building permits.


The permits granted by the previous administration will be reviewed, says Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres

Mazatlan.- With the slogan that the development of the port is conducted in an orderly manner and in compliance with the laws on construction, the City will adhere to the regulations in the issuance of permits.

In an interview with the media, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that in this issue there will be no favoritism and the restrictions established in the law will apply.

“Neither in favor of some nor in favor of others, what the law says in a few words, explained; here there are no ‘mochadas’ that you allow me to and I do it. “

The municipal president revealed that there is a project stopped in the zone of Olas Altas, in which case the federal law will be done since it is an area of the city regulated by the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

On the other hand, on the issue of public safety, the mayor reported that he is about to start the operation of the Mazatlan Police Academy, which will allow the formation of new elements that can enter the ranks of the corporation because the deficit preventive agents It is considerable.

“We have between 500 and 600 police officers, and according to international regulations, we lack a thousand elements; that is, we are making a superhuman effort to solve the problems; as long as we do not have those agents, it will be difficult to resolve as we would like the situation of insecurity, “he acknowledged.

The Chemist Benítez concluded that work is being done on the Municipal Development Plan, a document that is being integrated, and he assured that at the end of the month he will have a general report on what has been done and what is still to be done in the municipality.

Source: SEL

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