US Department of Defense reinforces border security


Agents of the United States Department of Defense arrived in the Calexico area to reinforce the border before the arrival of the Migrant Caravan.

General Jeffrey Buchanan reported that the presence of the military is simply for “logistical, technical and surveillance purposes” at the border.

He added that they are armed if self-defense is necessary, but their function will not be to make any arrests.

For his part, Pete Flores, director of border ports in California, explained that they just want to make sure that the arrival of migrants to the border is carried out in an orderly fashion, recognizing that the flow of people across the border is important for the economic sector of the entire region.

He said that legal entry to the United States will not be denied, but he does not know how long it might take to serve all migrants.

In this regard, the head of the Border Patrol in the sector, Gloria Chávez, explained that they will not tolerate attacks on the agents, since they will treat the migrants with respect and dignity, and they the same in return.

Source: Debate