Mapping of road pothole and repairs needed will begin in Mazatlan


They will spend 75 thousand pesos per week to repair the streets with two brigades

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- with the approval of Treasury Municipal two crews are deployed to bachear “repair potholes” in Mazatlan , said Juan de Dios Garay, municipal director of Public Works.

We receive the streets of the city in lamentable conditions, we can observe the collapse of sewers and the lack of tapas in others. We faced that with the resources we had. Juan de Dios Garay.

In the case of the patching, two brigades will be integrated with personnel, material and equipment available, who will be able to empty around four cubic meters of asphalt concrete.

According to what they have in the Municipality, they can attend between four to 10 blocks, depending on the degree of deterioration of the streets in question.

Likewise, the location of sewers and registers that responds to Teléfonos de México and the Comisión Federal de Electricidad will be lifted.

We are going to do the joint mapping between Public Works and Jumapam, to detect what corresponds to each one to do and what we can do to solve the problem as quickly as possible. There is an independent evaluation of the problem. Juan de Dios Garay.

Sewers will be divided to be served by the municipal, rainwater drainage records by the Directorate of Public Works and requirements will be addressed to the competent authorities in the case of Telmex and CFE.


Finally, with respect to the 48 kilometers of canals, the citizens were exhorted to avoid depositing waste and assist in the cleaning they have ordered to implement in these.

“It is permanently the job of keeping them in good condition. Our call to the citizens is to get rid of their goods by the way that must be done, which is in the public service of cleanliness and cleanliness, and not throwing them there in channels, “he recommended.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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