MIGRANT CARAVAN: Honduran Thugs threaten Salvadorans who arrive in Oaxaca


‘A group of Honduran Thugs threatened us with violence if we stayed where they were’, recounts one of the Salvadoran migrants

The caravan of Hondurans rejected the group of Salvadorans who arrived in Matías Romero , Oaxaca , to join and walk together to the north of the Mexican Republic, they were not even allowed to stay in the railway soccer stadium ; They were threatened with being cut off if they tried to take control of the group.

Jairo Antonio Guevara , one of the members of the caravan from El Salvador , said that the group he was in was one of the first to arrive at Matías Romero so that the Federal Police guided them to where the Hondurans were located. , but they were not very well received.

group of young people,  apparently gang members, threatened to cut us off if we stayed and if we wanted to take control of the caravan, “the Salvadoran migrant confessed. 

There was even a struggle between Hondurans and Salvadorans until finally the first forced the newcomers to leave the place and look for one that was exclusive for Salvadorans. The initial intention of the Salvadorans was to unite in Matías Romero with their neighboring migrants, to walk together towards the north of Mexico. Now they will wait one more day and leave in the early hours of Sunday .


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So far the parish of the place provides them with some food so that they can cope with their day, like bread , coffee and beans with rice to eat.

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