Mazatlan: Coppel says he is about to start the new aquarium


The businessman receives a recognition, spoke that the tourist work is about to start and that is supported by the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez.

Hotel entrepreneur Ernesto Coppel Kelly, after receiving recognition as the first president and founding member of the College of Business Administration Graduates of Mazatlan, stressed that today this destination is competitive.

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Best Mazatlan

Highly demanded and in development, as shown by Bahía la Laguna Avenue, the aquarium is about to start. Before attending, stressed that the aquarium is one of the most important works of Mazatlan and will be the best in Latin America.

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Dubai has the most important, but the one that will be built in the port will put the destination in international competition.

Coppel Kelly stressed that he already met with the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, spoke with him about this tourist attraction and supports it, because he considers it important for the development of Mazatlan.

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He added that everything is ready to start the work in a few days, and in a span of two years this tourist attraction will open.

Let them work

Ernesto Coppel, when questioned about the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, says that the only thing he expects is that security is guaranteed. That all work for Mexico.

I will work to sell better to my hotels, bring more tourism, as this leaves benefits for all. Everyone who does what belongs to him.

Alfredo Velazco Nájar, president of the National Consumer of Colleges of Graduates, highlighted part of the trajectory of Ernesto Coppel, before presenting the recognition. The president of the school in Mazatlan, José Armando Mendía Bulnes, welcomed the attendees.

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