According to Chef Redzepi Neither French nor Italian: Mexican, is the best cuisine


Today the chef René Redzepi had a unique moment of closeness with his Instagram followers, as he surprised himself by directly answering several of the questions that his fans asked him.

Redzepi, whose restaurant Noma is considered one of the best in the world, spoke of his taste for the Danish saucer smørrebrød and his plans for future Noma pop-ups around the world: he has been preparing a new surprise for more than a year, but It definitely will not be in the United States.

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However, throughout the session, there was something that shone above everything else: his love for Mexico. Remember that Redzepi has already visited our country precisely with the Noma pop-ups, which he brought to Tulum , and the chef is an absolute lover of Mexican cuisine.

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Any time was good to mention Mexico. Redzepi’s favorite seasoning? Chile habanero, and specified that it referred to “Yucatan-style”. Tips for visiting Copenhagen during the summer? Swim, rent a boat, but first of all go to eat Mexican food at Hijas de Sánchez, the restaurant of his disciple Rosío Sánchez , who imports corn and other ingredients directly from Mexico to create a truly Aztec experience in Denmark.

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Another admired asked if he preferred French or Italian cuisine. ” The best way I have to answer this question,” the chef explained, ” that is: Mexican .”

In trying to designate the most delicious dish he has ever tasted, Redzepi narrated that in his recent memory he highlights having tested the Honeypot ants on one of his visits to Mexico. “They are the best!”

With this session, Redzepi gave us a very special look at his own life. His work motto is “do not panic”, and if he were to dedicate himself to something other than cooking, he would like to be a full-time dad. With his family he has the tradition of sharing a roasted chicken every Sunday, and even shared a secret: let the chicken rest on a bed of potatoes to give them a better flavor.

In his opinion, the least valued gastronomy is that of Georgia (the country, not the state). One of the culinary trips that have most marked it was to Turkey: in one of its markets he easily found cucumbers, aubergines … and machine guns for sale.

At this time Noma has a seasonal menu exclusively vegetarian, which raises the doubts of whether it could become permanently a vegetarian or even vegan. Redzepi is not in a hurry, but neither does she reject the idea. “We’ll see it after a couple of years with the new Noma, but I’ve thought about it several times.”

And in football? While much of Europe lamented the defeat of England against Croatia, Redzepi offered a somewhat embarrassed laugh: “I apologize to all my English friends, but yes – I will always support the Balkans.”

Written by: Michelle López Gourmet de Mexico

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