Mazatlan Mayor Benitez Torres ( El Quimico ) announces new investments


The mayor assures that AMLO and the governors of Sinaloa and Durango support the rescue of the railway project that would unite both entities.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlan- Durango train is a project approved by the country’s presidential elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and by the governors of Sinaloa and Durango, said municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The project to change the tourist dock near the Huimache Caimanero.

The president, says the Integral Port Administration, wants to prevent the commercial and tourist docks continue cohabiting to minimize risks.

It’s a waste

In this sense, the chemist considers that the resource that is intended to be used for dredging “is a waste” and that money could be used to buy land for a new terminal near the Rafael Buelna international airport.

When questioning whether it would be feasible because of the distance, the mayor stressed that on the contrary, it would detonate to Mazatlan and the northwest of the country. He was insisted if he disagrees with the dredging of the port and stressed that it is a work that has already been tendered, and there are companies interested in that resource, which reiterates that his very personal opinion “its throwing away money”.


In relation to resources, the Chemist stressed that they left one million 900 thousand pesos, but almost everything is committed.

So far the accountant has not been able to close accounts on October 31, as accounts and bills that left the previous administration pending. That money they left will be at minus zero. Benítez Torres stressed that this item of 5 billion pesos will be applied to public works. It is to carry out cases where Mazatlan floods to prevent them from presenting problems of this type again.

Also, works were pending as the Citizen Security Center; the Olympic pool and more than 300 paved streets. They will not be able to execute the rest of the year, because they did not leave resources and they have to wait for the budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

The Secretary of Economic Development of Mazatlan , David González, will attend a meeting with the federal deputy Alfonso Ramírez, president of the Budget Commission. and seeks to bring to Mazatlan as much as possible.

Benitez Torres announces new investments. Photo: The Debate

To understand … Mayor minimizes the violent act

The municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez, in relation to the violent event that took place on Monday night, described it as a common crime; but he says that with the difference that now there were detainees.

The secretary of Municipal Public Security, Ricardo Olivo Cruz, is with everything to carry out the task, he stressed.

It was a minor fact, a common crime, the assailants were apprehended, and all good, he reiterated.

He pointed out that this case is a product of how security was in the port, and in the country in general, what he described as debauchery on the part of crime. The Secretary of Security is doing his job well, the cases that have been presented have been resolved.

Source: El Debate

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