About 100 members of the migrant caravan were kidnapped and handed over to a cartel: Oaxaca ombudsman


The delivery of about 100 undocumented persons would have been made near a Federal Police station in Puebla, according to the activist’s story

The migrant caravan fled the violence of gangs in Central America only to learn about the brutality of organized crime in Mexico . According to Arturo Peimbert, Oaxaca’s ombudsman, about 100 undocumented immigrants – children included – did not arrive in Mexico City from Veracruz on Monday, because they were kidnapped by transporters and handed over to organized crime groups , presumably to Los Zetas group. .

In an interview with HuffPost Mexico , Arturo Peimbert, head of the Ombudsman for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca, and who accompanies the migrant caravan since he crossed the border and went into Mexico, said that – according to testimonies gathered by him and members of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico – the kidnapping occurred in the state of Puebla.

According to his account, sources close to him confided that the transport companies of states that are on the route of the migrant caravan have received “strong pressure” from the federal government so that they do not serve the undocumented.

They are even forced to refuse to give the service, even if they want to pay for it, putting at risk the lives of more than 2 thousand minors. And that would have originated the massive kidnapping.

“This has forced us to walk and cross through Veracruz, from Sayula to Tierra Blanca and from Tierra Blanca to Córdoba, it is an absolute irresponsibility of the government, that area is the largest grave in the country , where hundreds of people have disappeared for the crime. The prohibition to use trucks, endorsed by the governor of Veracruz, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares , forces us to cross through this violent triangle.

“There we began to notice that fruit trucks were coming to us , of those that carry 16 to 23 tons of food, they offered us transportation, charging up to 150 pesos per person, we started to document plates to images of the drivers, alert the migrants that they did not do it , but in despair people took it in. All I could do was try to open the boxes of the trucks, which were locked with padlocks. ”

“The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico has received testimonies that several of these people escaped from the city of Puebla and the testimonies they have shared with me are that several were handed over to organized crime near the city. base of the Federal Police in Puebla, “said the human rights defender.

For the two suspicious trucks that took the migrants, and for the number of people who are asking for their absent relatives, is that the ombudsman Arturo Peimbert estimates that the victims of kidnapping would be about 100.

Arturo Peimbert, former general coordinator Mediation and Agreement for Development in the state government, intuited that behind this crime would be the Los Zetas cartel, whose presence in the area is notorious, even during the migrant caravan: “there are people in the villages who They have informed the Zetas how the caravan is moving, that they watch their steps. ”

The “violent triangle” that the activist is talking about is a territory in dispute between the Los Zetas cartels and the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel , which in addition to fighting control of drug sales, extortion, fuel theft and trafficking in persons, they also fight for the million dollar industry of kidnapping migrants who travel to the United States.

“This could be a crime for the governor of Veracruz, it is an eventual fraud, a criminal omission, and when you know that a group of vulnerable people are at risk of disappearing, your obligation is to create an efficient mechanism to prevent that from happening. a crime … “, lamented the ombudsman Arturo Peimbert. “Everything is wrong, everything is very bad …”

The history of multi-kidnapping, up to the time of publication of this text, has not been confirmed officially by the authorities of Puebla or Veracruz. Likewise, defenders of migrants and caravan monitors, like Brother Filiberto Velázquez , assured that they have not heard, so far, of a massive kidnapping of migrants that coincide with the hours and places of the Oaxaca ombudsman’s story.

Source: Huffington Post 

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