Mexico: Initiative to eliminate the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH)


Mexico.- Senator Alejandro González Yañez announced that on Tuesday the Parliamentary Group of the Labor Party (PT) will present an initiative to eliminate the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) and instead create the Ombudsman’s Office.

We say to the victims, according to González Yáñez justified, the CNDH has been useless, therefore the need to replace it.

The replacement will be by a body defending the people, insisted the legislator, which will have the substantial aggregate that their decisions will be binding in order to fulfill their role and avoid any abuse.

He reiterated that the current Commission “is not up to the national problem,”  not because he did not want to be, but because he lacks teeth.

Therefore, the new Ombudsman will be completely autonomous so that justice is done and protect the victims instead of the perpetrators.

In the proposal to present the legislative power will be who chooses the owner of the new body.

Source: SDP
The Mazatlan Post Newsroom