PAN rejects the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes


The National Action Party (PAN) expressed that it “does not see with good eyes” the
jurisprudence that issued the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to allow the
consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes.

” We do not see it with good eyes. We are not against that there can be a broad debate, yes, to analyze the pros and cons. We are not closed to debate and discussion; However, there are elements of this decision that cause us concern, “said Fernando Rodríguez Doval, secretary general of the PAN.

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The Panistas considered that the legalization of marijuana will not end with the violence of organized crime, reported Reforma.

“We think that this is a completely naive vision because organized crime has diversified;
It is not only dedicated to the cultivation and tracking of drugs but today it has already ventured into other illegal activities, “they argued through Rodríguez Doval.
“Frankly with that vision, we do not agree. Rather, what we do consider is that there may be a risk that addictions will increase. So in National Action we will be very aware of how the legislative process that will be derived from this resolution of the Court is carried out; but in any case we believe that we must prioritize at all times the non-addiction, the interests of children and young people in Mexico and of course work very closely with the associations of parents, “explained the PAN secretary.
Regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Rodríguez Doval armed
that it would have the support of the PAN since they can not oppose improving the health of a sick
person. “For medical purposes, we would all agree, in the sense that if you can use this substance to improve the health of a patient, no one could oppose it. We consider that it could make sense.
Whether for recreational or recreational purposes, we deeply disagree with those who think that with this measure the violence in Mexico will end, “he concluded.