Sinaloa Deputies will earn 107 thousand pesos with austerity plan


With 28 votes in favor and 12 against, the cut in the perceptions of the legislators was approved

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- After a month of many discussions due to lack of agreements between the parliamentary groups, with a weighted vote, the austerity plan proposed by Morena was approved at the Political Coordination Board, leaving a total revenue perception of 107,400 monthly pesos to each deputy.

During the Jucopo session last Monday, the coordinators of the PRI, PAN, and PRD caucuses voted against the proposal of the austerity plan, while the representatives of Morena, PT, PES, and PAS voted in favor, allowing the agreement will be considered by the plenary session through a weighted vote.

From this fortnight, that is, tomorrow, lawmakers will receive 47 thousand 427 pesos for monthly diet, 15 thousand pesos for transportation and fuel and 50 thousand pesos as a social management fund.

Agreement without consensus

The agreement went to a vote in the plenary, obtaining 28 votes in favor and 12 votes against. Such approval generated great dissatisfaction in some deputies, who argued that Morena was not open to the proposals of the other parliamentary group and applied the majority.

Sergio Jacobo , the coordinator of the PRI caucus, said he will present an initiative to eliminate the weighted vote, arguing that it is a faculty that benefits only the party with a majority in Congress.

Likewise, the PAN coordinator, Jorge Villalobos, considered that the austere plan of Morena does not consider the strongest administrative expenses of the Congress, which even far exceed the perceptions of the deputies.

He said the plan is a smokescreen and a simulation to please the campaign promises of the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Before such statements, the deputy of Morena and president of the Jucopo, Graciela Dominguez, explained that this was as proposed by his caucus and that in no way the proposals of the other deputies were disregarded.

He explained that the declarations of the legislators of the PRI and PRD had no support since they proposed to eliminate concepts that do not exist in Congress, such as support for cell phone line payments or leasing of vehicles.

By: Estefanía López Corral El Debate

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