How about some tacos of TRIPA? These are the benefits


From the earliest times of man, all the meat of the animals that they hunted to eat was taken advantage of, including their organs, such as heart, intestines, kidneys, brain and even the testicles .

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And although modernity has focused more on lean meat than on the organs of animals for our consumption, it is important to say that the benefits of eating tripe are very high. Not for nothing are the most requested at the taco stands!

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The benefits of eating organs like tripe, are several, among them that is a powerful source of highly bioavailable heme iron , which can be better absorbed than the iron provided by the plant source, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.

On the other hand, the casings, especially of beef, have other nutrients such as niacin and vitamin B12 , in addition to containing an important mineral called manganese. According to the Healthy Eating section of the San Francisco Gate site, “a portion of beef intestine can help you meet the recommended daily intake of protein from the US Department of Agriculture, which for adults is between 5 and 6 1 / 2 oz. “

A portion of the gut of approximately 114 grams contains 96 calories, 14 grams of protein and little-saturated fat, about 2 grams. “The recommended daily limit of saturated fat is 30 grams for a man and 20 grams for a woman.” The same size portion of the casing also has 138 milligrams of cholesterol, which is between 46 and 69 percent of the daily limit of cholesterol recommended by the American Heart Association. ” -Guards -Offer zinc.

Resultado de imagen para tacos de tripa

“Most organs are extremely nutritious, in fact, most are more nutrient dense than muscle meat,” Healthline cites. Other benefits are: The guts are a good source of phosphorus.

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