SINALOA: One of the largest and most modern ships in Latin America arrives in Mexico


The ship “Mexico Star” arrived this weekend in Mexican territory

It is incorporated into the navigation route through the Sea of Cortés, between Sinaloa

and Baja California Sur

Thanks to this new vessel, the company will increase its capacity to load and passage up to 50%

This weekend, a new cargo and passenger ship, one of the largest in Latin America, landed in the port of Pichilingue in La Paz, Baja California Sur. It has more than 180 meters in length (length of a ship); a magna of 25 meters (widest point of a ship), a capacity of 2,715 linear meters of cargo and 200 passengers.

This is the “Mexico Star” a new ferry that is integrated into the fleet of the company Baja Ferries, the leading logistics-shipping group in Mexico, which will cross the Sea of Cortez from November 1 to cover the route from Topolobampo-La Paz- Topolobampo.

Thanks to this new vessel, Baja Ferries will increase its capacity to offer cargo and passenger services between Sinaloa and Baja California Sur by up to 50%, which represents the transfer of more than 10 million tons of goods per year, as well as the displacement of more than 850 thousand passengers that annually travel to and from the Baja California peninsula.

The new vessel was named in this way “because it reflects the company’s vision of being a national logistic leader, expanding its business, as well as promoting new cabotage routes in the country,” said its CEO, Ariel Water well.

“We are very proud to bring a new vessel to the Sea of Cortez; This speaks of a major Baja Ferries effort to be a driver of social and economic development in the northwest of our country. In addition to contributing to an important generation of direct and indirect jobs “, explained Pozo.

“The executive also pointed out that this new acquisition is due to the fact that” companies constantly demand new solutions for cargo transportation, which are more efficient, more secure. That is why we are making important investments to develop and strengthen the market, at the same time as endorsing our position as the leading logistics and shipping group in Mexico, with more than 15 years of experience. ”

The new vessel whose construction was completed in 2018, will be added to the four vessels that have Baja Ferries: California Star, Baja Star, Balandra Star, and Mini Star. In addition, Baja Ferries, together with its subsidiary, Transportadora Geos, offer an important multimodal logistics platform, and for this, they have an important fleet of 60 trucks and more than 200 of allied equipment.

The official flag event of the Mexico Star will be held in the month of January as part of the celebration of 15 years of Baja Ferries.

The arrival of the new vessel is a major step in the national logistics sector, particularly for maritime transport and for boosting domestic cabotage.

Therefore, the Mexico Star will be a new flagship of development and progress not only for Baja Ferries but for the entire nation, in particular, for companies seeking better logistics solutions through the Sea of Cortez, and in this way, Baja Ferries confirms its commitment to stay at the forefront of intermodal logistics solutions.

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