Hurricane Willa: Causes panic among Teacapán residents


Category 5 hurricane threatens the port. The total evacuation of this fishing community is expected.

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Teacapá.-  Inhabitants of this port live moments of anguish before the arrival of the hurricane “Willa” that threatens to enter this area of the municipality.

People with panic attacks, fishermen withdrawing the pangas from the bay and people arriving at the boardwalk who are waiting for this Hurricane, is what the municipal and state authorities that arrived on Monday morning arrived at Teacapán .

Hugo Enrique Moreno Guzmán, municipal president and Víctor Sánchez Malof, sub-secretary of Health arrived at the facilities of the rural health center that keeps its doors open to the population, meeting a woman who panicked over the hurricane warning.

She suffers from a nervous breakdown, hearing the news of the hurricane and seeing so many people arrive in panic, a family member told the authorities.

While touring the main streets of the community, trucks with fishermen were seen removing pangas from the bay for their shelter.

On the boardwalk, there were whole families observing the relative calm of the extensive sea.

The inhabitants of Teacapán are alarmed by the hurricane and we are very afraid and will respond to the recommendations of the authorities to evacuate, but there are many people who resist the majority of older adults expressed Elvira Gallardo inhabitant of the port.

The authorities met with Jesús Fernando Ahumada Sepulveda, captain of the port, who explained in detail to the mayor that the impact of this phenomenon is expected to be in Teacapán and his journey will be through Cristo Rey and Palmillas.

The health authorities informed that eight brigades are ready and they are about to arrive five more to attend the 13 refuges that will be operating.

It is expected that in the next few hours the governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel arrives in the municipality to supervise the actions of prevention to the population.

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