Hurricane Willa: Rosario and other communities will be evacuated


Trucks are about to leave for the communities of Los Pozos, La Guásima and Vázquez Moreno.

This morning municipal authorities held a preventive meeting, due to the proximity of Hurricane Willa , which was attended by the mayor, Martha Ofelia Castillo Aguilar; the coordinator of Civil Protection, Edgar Omar Copado Castellano; the director of public security, Abdón Carabantes Hernández and representatives of the health and social club units.

Civil Protection will begin the evacuations in Rosario , informed Edgar Omar Copado Castellano, Coordinator of Civil Protection, being the area of the valley where it will begin with the evacuation due to the proximity of the sea and the Huizache-Caimanero Lagoon. He reported that it will be between Mazatlan and Escuinapa where this phenomenon will enter, so it will also affect Rosario, at 07:00 hours, the estimated time for cloud bands to begin to appear.

Copado Castellanos said that the trucks are about to leave for the communities of Los Pozos, Guasima, Vázquez Moreno, because they are the areas that have given more problems in past years and are also incommunicado.

Afterward, the Aguaverde, Pedregosa, and Beltranes and Nieblas Lagoons are evacuated, since they are left incommunicado when the Baluarte River grows. Similarly, the communities on the left bank of the Baluarte River will continue, such as Chametla, Apoderado, Pozole, Monte Alto, among others. 

“We ask that those who live in vulnerable areas accept the help and come to the shelters if they do not want to come to the shelters that come with a relative who lives in a safe area. “

Regarding the municipal seat, he pointed out that flood zones such as Calderón, and neighborhoods on the outskirts where there are houses made of sheet and wood and that are vulnerable to winds will also be evacuated.

Copado Castellanos, said that until now there are 6 shelters enabled to receive evacuees, such as Club De Leones, Rotary, Justo Sierra primary, Cobaes, Julio Hernández secondary, and DIF nurseries; all with an identifiable blanket that is a temporary shelter.

The mayor, Martha Ofelia Castillo Aguilar, announced that pantries and bottled water will be brought from the state capital, and there will be approximately 40 trucks between volleys and Torton for what is needed. In the same way, he asked the citizens to take care of the documents and wrap them in plastic bags so that they do not suffer damages.

Source: El Debate

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