Thanks CFE? There will be no rise in electricity rates for the remainder of the year


Jaime Hernández, director of the Federal Electricity Commission, promised that there will be no increases in electricity rates for domestic users in the remainder of the year.

During his appearance in the House of Representatives on the occasion of the gloss of the Sixth Government Report, Hernandez explained that in the last 46 months this rate has not increased, unlike previous years, when they were increasing 4 percent annually.

He noted that currently, 99 percent of households in Mexico have had a decrease of this rate of 16 percent in real terms in relation to the end of 2012.

Pedro Joaquin Codwell, Secretary of Energy, said that the story does not begin or end in a single six-year term.

However, the energy policy of this six-year period has prioritized clean energy and mitigation of climate change.

He explained that currently one in five Mexican households will have a green choice thanks to clean energy auctions.

Also, for small consumers, the distributed generation scheme will allow them to generate their electricity on the roofs of their homes, shops and small businesses.

From 2012 to date it went from 2 thousand to 63 thousand contracts of this nature. “If this trend continues, in 2023 there will be 600 thousand solar roofs in the country producing electricity, that is, an increase of one thousand percent, compared to what we have now,” said Codwell.

Source: rasnoticias, vanguadia

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