Confrontation between police and fishermen in Conapesca


Three people injured is what left a confrontation between police officers and fishermen. The incident took place on Tiburón Avenue, almost on the corner of Camarón Sábalo Avenue, in the Sábalo Country subdivision, on the outskirts of the Conapesca building.

The police with the use of clubs began to hit those who resisted being evicted and came to blows because when they saw what happened the demonstrators joined forces to repel the aggression.

The agents, seeing that the number of demonstrators was greater than the staff they had, opted to leave the place, but not before fulfilling the task that the policemen had: to close the access for the use of the bathroom.

After the aggressions suffered by the fishermen, they opted to completely close the road circulation of the Camarón Sábalo and Del Tiburón avenues, in order to demand a solution from the authorities.

Source: El Debate

The Mazatlan Post