Movie Princesa will be released in Mazatlan in support of the victims of the tropical storm 19-E


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The initiative is carried out by Mayor-elect Luis Guillermo Benítez and filmmaker Óscar Blancarte to collect food items that will be delivered to the most affected people in the central and northern municipalities of the state due to the recent torrential rains.

Aware of the situation that the Sinaloans are going through in the center and north of the state and moved by the response that the elected Alcade of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, has had before the situation of urgency, on Thursday, October 4, the director Óscar Blancarte will present the premiere of the film Princess, a true story, with the aim of raising support for the families most affected by the passage of Tropical Storm 19-E.

They will premiere in Mazatlan

Through the film to be presented at Cinepolis in La Gran Plaza, at 8:00 pm, attendees will be able to support people who suffered floods in the center and north of the state due to the tropical depression 19-E that hit Sinaloa on last Thursday, September 20. 

Tickets for the premiere of the film Princesa, a true story of the Mazatlan directorÓscar Blancarte , will be obtained in exchange for the donation of a pantry. The exchange could be made in Melchor Ocapo 510, between May 5 and Guillermo Nelson, as well as in the movie theater on the day of the premiere.

Based on student experiences and the letters found by one of the great-aunts of the director and writer, Oscar Blancarte, the movie Princesa was filmed in Mexico City, Sinaloa and San Luis Potosí. 

As special guest of the Mazatlan director in the presentation of the film will be the Mayor-elect Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, who has supported the Sinaloans affected by the torrential rains with more than 27 tons of food and basic necessities, thanks to the confidence that the citizenship has in him and in the government that will begin to exercise from November 1.
With a little-known genre in Mexican venues, such as the tragicomedy, the film that began filming in 2013 and culminated in 2015, has a cast made up of Evangelina Elizondo, Hector Lechuga, Eduardo MacGregor, Martha Navarro, Salvador Espadas and Sofia Loyal, among others, to tell a story about two generations that are.

The film narrates the life of two older adult sisters who have neighbors as students who organize loud parties, which generates a generational conflict. Through life circumstances, the children offer solidarity and friendship, creating a strong bond and a change of attitude towards life. 

Oscar Alberto Blancarte Pimentel is a Mazatlan director and writer who has six feature films produced, Princess, a True Story (2015), Angel Powder (2007), Between the Evening and the Night (2000), Sweet Companies (1995), as well as The rider of Divine Providence (1988) and Que me maten de una vez (1985), in which he has written and directed, as well as several short films, documentaries and television series. He has also been a host of a television program.