Charter tourism gives life to Mazatlan on weekends


Hotel owners sell packages that bring visitors in groups.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  Charter tourism maintains a good hotel occupancy for businesses located in the Golden Zone and Del Mar Avenue.

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Weekends reach dozens of tourist buses with visitors who come from the south. Also from the northern zone of Mexico.

The family of Luis Hidalgo and María Luisa Hernández comes from the capital city and toured several states, but culminated in Mazatlan this weekend. It’s the third time they make the trip.

The port liked it better than Acapulco, Teresa Hidalgo emphasized, although now they found the pier with works. On Sunday afternoon they left the port and promise to return.

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The Playa hotel is one of the establishments that stays full almost all year round. Tourists come out, but there is another line of visitors that arrive, and this is due to strategies that allow this lodging center to be active, said businessman Lance Taylor Vient Alcaraz, thus maintaining employment.

The same happens in the hotels that are located along Del Mar Avenue, and despite the remodeling work, tourism continues to arrive.

The hotelier José María Hernández explained that the visitors are clients of years, for that reason, even with the inconvenience that the works imply, they arrive at the hotels in front of the Malecon.

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The hotel occupancy of Avenida Del Mar during the weekend remains between 55 and 60 percent.

They consider it good, and in some cases, this figure is exceeded.

To maintain this movement they offer packages for families, couples and groups.

These include from two nights and three days. Although road tourism prefers one night and two days.

These visitors also come from several municipalities in Sinaloa and the surrounding states.

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Among the most popular sites are the Mazatlan Aquarium and the boardwalk, where tourists can be seen walking and taking pictures.

Also on the beach, although yesterday it was difficult to enter the sea due to high tide and the strong waves that are recorded much of the day.

Alejandro Ontiveros, secretary of the board of the Pino Suarez market, said that this property is one of the favored by visitors.

The restaurant area in the upper part is full of national tourists and the shops have had good sales.

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