Two trucks collide on the Mazatlan – Tepic highway


The collision of two eighteen wheelers, one of them that transported agrochemicals, on the Baluarte bridge of the Mazatlán-Tepic highway, caused warning due to a possible spill of toxic products.

One of the units involved was a Freightliner trailer loaded with agrochemical products, the type or level of toxicity is unknown, and the other unit was a Kenworth truck, tanker type which circulated from south to north.

According to the police report no injured persons are reported, it is presumed that one of the vehicles invaded the opposite lane and impacted the other unit, while on the bridge.

The road was partially closed for several hours and the authorities in the area conducted the corresponding investigation to determine responsibilities.

As a result of the incident, the City Council sent a statement which states the following: “Civil Protection and Ecology personnel of this City Council are in the relief and assessment of the accident that occurred on the Baluarte bridge of the highway. We ask citizens to take precautions and not enter the lower part of the Baluarte River, due to possible spills of agrochemicals and diesel. ”

The Mazatlan Post