Sinaloa floods aftermath: Culiacán may never be the same again


Due to the magnitude of the floods that the state of Sinaloa has endured, mainly in the northern zone that includes Ahome, Guasave and El Fuerte (as well as in the state capital Culiacán), National Civil Protection in coordination with the National Water Commission declared the whole state Disaster Area.

With this declaration, funds from the National Fund for Natural Disasters (FONDEN) and the Ministry of the Interior will be allocated to support the affected areas of Sinaloa.

Governor Quirino Ordaz pointed out that the most affected area was El Carrizo, in the north of the state, but he also acknowledged that according to the evaluation carried out by state authorities, there are still isolated communities that need food, water, clothes and blankets.

-The state government reported that there are about three thousand people who are served in 29 shelters that were opened to care for those affected by the floods.

-The mayor of Culiacan, Antonio Castañeda, stressed that more than 120 neighborhoods are affected by floods, in addition, 65 motor vehicles that were dragged by rains were removed from streams and canals.

Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, general director of Civil Protection SEGOB, confirmed the figure of three dead and three missing after the heavy rains in Culiacán. A young man drowned, while two others died of electric shock. The three missing persons correspond to three adult women who were dragged by a stream also in the city of Culiacán, and so far their whereabouts are still unknown.

Around 16,000 people have lost their homes in the floods in the state of Sinaloa, according to Civil Protection SEGOB.

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