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The so-called ” BIG FISH” of the sport fishing tournaments in Mexico is constantly growing thanks to Grupo Editorial EL DEBATE, which every year strives to have more and better incentives, capable of attracting the most exponents of sports fishing.

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Emerged first in Topolobampo and, years later, in Mazatlan, sports fishing tournaments with the seal of EL DEBATE in Sinaloa have been a real watershed that offers not only tourist projection to the host destination, but also an unbeatable opportunity to win one or several of the juicy prizes in dispute. Until 2013 they were simply named sport fishing or sailfish tournaments, but according to the growth and development canons that they have experienced in terms of participation and awards, which at the same time has represented greater recognition and prestige, the direction of the newspaper decided in good time and with a timely wit, modify its abbreviations to Big Fish, which were soon received with marked interest by own and strangers.

Photo previous edition
Photo previous edition
Photo previous edition


Equally opportune and praiseworthy was to determine the extension of the coverage of contests to other destinations, and in this sense THE DEBATE has scored sounded successes by taking tournaments of this specialty to the Altata Bay, in Navolato, and Las Glorias, in Guasave, only with the difference that in this last population the species are not weevils (sail and marlin, in addition to the goldfish and tuna), but small fish, such as curvina, snook and snapper.

Guaranteed prizes of 2 million 200 thousand pesos will be allocated among the winners of the 2018 edition of the most recent sports fishing tournament of the DE DEBATE newspaper in Sinaloa: Altata Big Fish .

Expected to take place from October 12 to 14, ALTATA Sinaloa and November 23, 24, 25 in Mazatlan Sinaloa

High ‘surplus value’

According to the beautiful navolatense bay that every October dresses in ‘long tablecloths’ to host the celebration, the tournament was born in large thanks to an organization that, always concerned about giving the best possible treatment to the competitor, has spared no effort in awarding nor in the riding an avant-garde stage.

Not for nothing, these benefits generate a true ‘seduction’  in any captain or navigator and are the best ‘window’ of attraction in a place that, by the way, is characterized by having rich and large species.

Each edition, large and beautiful ‘BIG FISH’ adorn the fishermen with joy and make it a special occasion for fun and family coexistence that no one can resist.

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