Seismic activity in Sinaloa is constant and moderate


On a daily basis, two to three telluric movements are detected in the entity, although of low intensity that is imperceptible in the populated centers of the state.

The seismic activity in Sinaloa is a reality, the 4 seismic stations located in the state, one of them in Mazatlan, detect between 2 and 3 telluric movements every day, although these are imperceptible due to their magnitude.

The researcher of the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM, Luis Quintanar Robles, said that seismic activity has always existed in this Pacific area, however, at present, there is more capacity to detect earthquakes thanks to technology.

He noted that the largest earthquake recorded in Sinaloa occurred on September 13, 2015, off the coast of Sinaloa and its effects were felt in the municipality of Ahome, in the city of Los Mochis.

Seismic activity in Sinaloa is constant and moderate: Researcher

The researcher pointed out that in this region of the country seismic activity is moderate, however, the population and the authorities are increasingly prepared to act in the event of an earthquake, as part of the culture of civil protection.

He reiterated that earthquakes can not be predicted, so it is important that the population does not get carried away by false information that only causes psychosis.

Seismic activity in Sinaloa is constant and moderate: Researcher

The conference was held within the framework of the week of civil protection, this September 19 will commemorate 33 years of the creation of the national system of civil protection following the earthquake that came to the citizens of Mexico in 1985.