Mexico with high economic potential: HSBC


A few weeks after the change of federal administration, the 
Deputy General Manager of Consumer Banking
for Latin America and 
Mexico of HSBC

Juan Parma
, considered that regardless of the current government, Mexico has enormous economic potential.

“We are positive with the country and its economy,” he
stressed at a press conference where he presented 
the first credit card without commission and without annuity
in HSBC, called 
, which is aimed at customers with a monthly income of five thousand pesos.

Regarding the new mica, the executive director of HSBC Mexico Credit and Loan Cards, Jorge Jáuregui, informed in an interview that in the remainder of 2018 they plan to 
place 150 thousand and by 2019 between 450 thousand and 500 thousand HSBC Zero cards.

Juan Parma said that the Zero card is 
HSBC’s big bet to expand its participation in the credit card market in Mexico
; meanwhile, Jorge Jáuregui explained no credit card of the classic segment of other banks has the advantages so complete “as ours”.



According to the information provided at the conference, the commissions that HSBC Zero credit card customers will not pay are the annuity, both for the owner and their additional ones; disposition of cash or line of credit; unfair claim; and replacement of plastic.

However, it was clarified that “the only requirement that the client must meet is to 
use the card at least once a month, regardless of the amount, In case this condition is not met, the customer would pay 99 pesos plus VAT that month
, as a maintenance and administration fee “.

Jáuregui said HSBC is launching “robust” value propositions for customers in each segment and profile, based on rigorous market research. “We will continue on the path of product innovation for the benefit of its customers and the market,” he said.