The bridge to nowhere in Paseo Claussen, in Mazatlán


The history of this bridge dates back to 1895, but it was until 1935 that it had a useful function.

MAZATLÁN._ If you walk along Paseo Classen and look towards the Cerro de la Nevería, you will find a bridge in the middle of two houses; a bridge that does not go anywhere and that is there without any explanation.

The history of this bridge dates back to 1895, but it was until 1935 that it had a function, being the only way to cross to a viewpoint that was on the other side of the hill, which had a view towards Olas Altas, as told by the Friends of Mazatlán .

The construction of this began as a citizen’s desire, people who once lived there wished to be able to pass, without having to get dirty between the land of the hill, or without being afraid of falling into the void.

“That bridge was a small part of a road that circled the hill, it meant the crystallization of an old longing for Mazatlecos, of several generations, we know that since 1895 projects had been presented to replace the old path,” said César Octavio Berúmen .

The bridge was called “El paseo del General Juan Domínguez”, however, there is no explanation in the Municipal Archive about it, making it a mystery of the history of old Mazatlan.

“The idea of this construction was to beautify the hill simply, its construction was in the style of the old train tracks, however, it worked as a pedestrian, turning it into a majestic place that had as view, at the feet of all, the sea” he commented.

This bridge connected with a tunnel, which we now know as “Cueva del Diablo” and other tunnels that were supposedly inside the hill, however, over the years, they stopped being used as such, until they became private property.

Currently, the bridge can be seen, however, is half of two private properties, although the most intrepid tend to find a way to climb it and take a picture with their feet in the air.