Uber will enable option to share location with 911 in Mexico


It is the first country outside the United States that will have this function.

A while ago Uber announced that it was committed to the safety of its users, so it implemented a function in the United States that allows 911 operators to access the location and travel information in real time.

Uber enables sharing location with 911 in Mexico

Now, the company announced that this tool will already be available to Mexico, making our country the first outside the United States to have it.

In case of an emergency, this function can become a crucial tool for the attention of the authorities, since it allows the 911 operator to have the necessary information to send the necessary support.

Uber enables sharing location with 911 in Mexico

According to Sachin Kansal, Director of Security Products at Uber, ” this feature has been launched in different cities in the United States. And they know that users around the world would benefit from having it too, so they have decided to expand. “

The company says it will be during this year when the show will be launched in some cities in Mexico, and they plan to be available by the end of next year in the main cities of the country where they are operating.

Uber enables sharing location with 911 in Mexico

To use this function, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Press the button to call 911 within the new security features.
  2. The location and travel information will appear on the screen (car make, model, license plate and driver’s name).
  3. Pressing the red button again to call 911 will start the phone call.
  4. When answering the call, the 911 operator can automatically see on your screen the same information about the user’s trip.