There will be parking on the Malecon; But it wont be FREE


One of the campaign proposals made by the elected president of Mazatlan, El Químico Benítez Torres.

The elected municipal president Luis Guillermo “el Químico” Benítez Torres, reiterates that he will return the parking lots on the Malecon, as he promised in the campaign. He explained that his government will acquire a plot of land to convert it into a parking lot, but this one will charge.

In exchange, the parking lot will give a ticket that will serve to get on some buses that will provide transportation service on the boardwalk so that citizens or tourists decide where to move.

He reiterated that he never said that he would destroy the boardwalk to recover the parking lots.
It would be a crime to do so because it was a heavy investment that was made to regenerate it. During his campaign, one of the most felt demands of the population was that they want to have a space to leave their vehicle safely on the boardwalk.

The Chemist was interviewed after the liaison meeting he held with Mayor Joel Bouciéguez Lizárraga. There he questioned who the officials will be.

Chemist Benítez Torres. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

His response was that he will first see how they perform in this transition stage to see if they stay there, go to another area or stay out of their government. The names of his cabinet will be given on the first day of October.

He assured the public that he will lock for them, just as they were told in the campaign. It will be a different and inclusive government, he stressed during the press conference that took place at City Hall, after the meeting with the municipal president.