How to choose the best tequila for the national holidays and be a real Mexican Patriot


Knowing how to choose the ideal tequila during the month of September is essential for all Mexicans. The national drink that so intensifies the patriotic spirit is a true pride that we can not take lightly. So that you can drink it as it should during the national holidays, we share some Tips that will surely serve you very much.

It is important that you try different types of tequila so that you begin to know your tastes in depth. If you are one of those who prefer the freshest and fruitiest notes, look for white or young tequilas. In case you have a palate more accustomed to robust and woody aromas, what you need is a restful tequila. For those who love the intricate, spicy and sophisticated flavors the aged and extra vintage tequilas are perfect.

Observe the body and color

Once you know the type of tequila you need, the next step is to learn to distinguish it with your eyes. In general, the longer the tequila is left in the barrel, the more agave it will have and the heavier it will be. If what you want is a more solid drink then look for darker and viscous shades that remain stuck in the glass. In case your taste is the opposite, opt for translucent and slippery bodies.

Choose the correct label

Not only is it essential to know the tequila indicated for you, but also the one suitable for each drink. If you are going to take it alone, be sure to purchase a 100% agave label that shows the purest notes of the drink. To prepare cocktails or cook, buy mixed labels made with agave and sugar cane.

Look for the seal of approval

Finally, one of the most basic tips that you should always keep in mind: make sure that the tequila you are buying is of quality and is approved by the Tequila Regulatory Council. Doing it is very simple, just look on the label for the official NOM password, which consists of the word “NOM”, four digits of identification and the word “CRT”.

30 tequilas for the collection of a good patriot


Tequila is celebrating because today is your day. This distillate originally from Jalisco is made from the fermentation of agave and is the best known Mexican drink in the world.

There are many tequila labels and all of them are exclusive.  The 30 that definitely cannot be missing in your collection.

Don Julio Real

Aged from 3 to 5 years in barrels, it is an extra-amber tequila with rich aromas of sweet agave and vanilla, with a sophisticated chocolate flavor and nuances of coffee. Perfect to celebrate important moments.

Great Bordeaux Pattern

This luxurious aged tequila is packaged in a very elegant glass bottle and comes with a black walnut box. This tequila is excellent to have inside your collection.

House Dragons

Tequila young 100% pure blue agave, with a touch of artisan, has a subtle floral scent, very fresh. The design of your bottle that has a bright platinum and has been manufactured with perfume glass.

Heart Old Rip Van Winkle Añejo


Aged for almost two years in barrels that used to age old Rip Van Winkle bubbles. The result is a combination of Tequila and bourbon with a creamy texture and notes of oak, almond, and vanilla.

The Treasury Reposado

Tequila resting or resting is traditionally aged for two months. But the tequila house adds 11 more months in aged oak barrels . The flavor is soft and rich, with subtle wood tones and a touch of sweetness.

José Cuervo Family Reserve

José Cuervo launched this edition for the 200th anniversary of the house . It is made with a family recipe for 10 generations. Reposado for about three years, it has flavors of agave and vanilla ingredients. The collection box was designed with the work of different Mexican artists.

Unique Miracle

personal selection by the master distiller plant to plant to have only the best for the production of these high-end tequilas, the use of more than 16 pounds per liter of selected agave by hand; able to concentrate all the aromas of the plant that gives the silver tequila with an incomparable flavor .

Rey Sol Añejo

It is aged for six years in French oak barrels, making it one of the tequilas with aromas of plum and apple. Spring water is used and is produced in Ojo de Agua de Latillas, in Jalisco.

Alambique Direct Horseshoe 

100% blue and transparent agave, and with an intense flavor. This is a tequila bottled directly from the alambiques of Casa Herradura.

Don Julio 70

Ideal for demanding palates, with an aroma that highlights honey and strawberry agave tones combined, such as the sweetness of toasted oak, vanilla, and chocolate. Aromas with fruity tones and toasted almonds.

Horseshoe Double Barrel

Each bottle of this famous tequila house is marked in an artisanal process and made with a tequila 100% agave tequila blue Weber, with a reposado of 11 months resulting in a soft tequila with very unusual aromas and a unique flavor of dried fruits and species.

Master Dobel Diamond

Absolutely crystalline, it is the result of the union of aged tequilas, extra añejos and reposados , doubly filtered.

Blue Class Ultra Aged

Of the 100 pieces made from this bottle, 50 are distributed in Mexico and the rest in the United States. This fine tequila is aged in sherry barrels and then it is packed in handmade ceramic jugs.


Fuenteseca Reserve 18 years


Distilled from 100% weber blue agave, it is aged for at least 3 years in barrels not exceeding 600 liters. Any type of wood is acceptable, although ex-bourbon barrels are the most common.

Three four five

Its name refers to the age of the tequilas that are mixed in this bottle. The bottles designed by Alonso González are made by hand with special crystals.

Ley.925 Pasión Azteca

This is the most expensive bottle of tequila in the world and the most important jewel made in Mexico since colonial times;  It has two kilos of platinum and 4,100 perfectly white diamonds. The tequila contained in the bottle is of the Ley .925 brand. It is a Premium Extra Añejo, made with selected agave, 42 degrees of alcohol and that remained in barrels for 7 years.

Extra aged tequila master

In addition to its hand-painted bottle Maestro Tequilero Extra Añejo is characterized by having 40 months of rest in American and European oak barrels . Your bottle will always be unique and exclusive.

1800 Extra old millennium

After a long and delicate aging process, the extra aged tequila matures for a brief period in French oak barrels of cognac, providing a balanced, smooth, and unique flavor, with notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon


 Aged Raven 250 years old Rolling Stones


For its 250th Anniversary, it combines a 100-year-old tequila with an exceptionally rare extra-aged tequila. To commemorate this unique distillation, a special edition was made together with the famous English group Rolling Stones.

Great Orendain Extra Añejo

The richness and fullness in the flavor of this tequila is in its prolonged aging of 30 months in premium single-use bourbon barrels.

El Aguijón

Aged in red oak barrels for 36 months, it has a tobacco color and flashes of mahogany, it is very unctuous. Its expressive and powerful character lets you appreciate its spicy notes and touches of wood that provide an elegant aftertaste.

Sauza XA

Tequila Sauza XA Extra Añejo Limited Edition, 100% Agave. A perfect blend of pride, history, craftsmanship and an unparalleled flavor.


Aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months, with a citrus flavor that perfectly combines the sweetness of sugar and the bitterness of blue agave.

Great Centenary

One of the specialties of Gran Centenario is this Extra Añejo Tequila, it is aged in white oak barrels and later it undergoes pairing with other more ancient reserves. Under the supervision of Maestro Tequilero, the mixtures are made in a meticulous way and the result is an excellent Tequila with an average aging of more than 3 years.

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Mr. Ramon

It is a special edition of the house with an aging of 3 years in French red oak barrels, which gives it a robust and velvety affectionate taste.


Capricho tequila is handcrafted with the best selection of blue Agave plants grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Jalisco highlands.

Seven languages

Of great body and luminosity, with a light golden yellow color, and sparkles silver and gold. The nuances of cooked agave and a delicate barrel finish are merrily interlaced with the smell. In the mouth, it intensely checks all its aromatic fullness.

San Matías

Aroma and exquisite taste, the result of 130 years providing the purest sensations of blue agave. San Matías Cristal will discover your passion for tequila.

Hacienda Los Álamos

It is distinguished by its smell of cooked agave, citrus and random flowers. Also, thanks to the arduous process of selection and harvest, this Mexican brand has been awarded in the competitions of San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Elegant Tequila game

It is characterized not only by its products made with a selected raw material but by a process of maturation of 36 months in authentic American teak. As if that were not enough as signs of authenticity it has a silver label and a ribbon

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