Transition process begins in Mazatlán’s City Hall


Mazatlan’s municipal president, José Joel Boucieguez Lizárraga, and the elected mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, had begun with the so-called “transition process”.

During the meeting held at the municipal presidency building, Benítez Torres, better known as “The Chemist” (El Químico), read a document reiterating the request for clear information on matters related to the City Hall payroll, as part of this “transition”; it seems like El Químico doesn’t want any “surprises”.

Benítez Torres is requesting all the detailed expenses on the 2018 Tourist Tianguis as well as debts and demands that the outgoing adminstration could leave behind.

El Químico also stressed that he sent another memo to the governor of the State to inform him about the works on the boardwalk, Aquarium, water line four and treatment plant.

Boucieguez Lizárraga reiterated that they are open to deliver all the information requested by the incominig administration, and give the necessary facilities for a “smooth” transition.

TMP Newsroom