The minimum wage will go from 88.36 to 176.72 pesos per day in Mexico


Luisa María Alcalde Luján, an adviser to Andrés Manuel López Obrador on labor and social welfare issues, said that without pretending “madness”, in a possible government of the Tabasco politician, the minimum wage would gradually increase in six years to reach 176.72. approximately, without risk of inflation.  

Interviewed by  El Economista , the also former federal deputy said that the increase in salary would be discussed and agreed, “without impositions,” with businessmen. “It’s not risky, it’s stabilizing,” he said.

He welcomed that the United States and Canada intend to increase labor income in Mexico, as part of the renegotiation of NAFTA, and criticized the government of our country as a “domestic” issue.

Meanwhile, Luisa María Alcalde assured that López Obrador’s proposal to grant a scholarship of 2,300 pesos a month to 2.3 million young people as apprentices (a program that would be called Youth Building the Future) would cost 108,000 million pesos, which would come, he said, from cuts in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, as well as austerity and combating corruption.

Mayor Luján, just 30 years old, said that the labor reform of 2012 would be respected, and issues such as outsourcing, although it would seek to respect the rules that regulate that figure.

Likewise, he affirmed that the eventual government of López Obrador would respect the union autonomy, the taking of note and the collective labor agreements. On Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, he said that -in the facts- he continues to exercise control of the mining union.

-What is AMLO’s proposal for the salary increase?

– “Everything is going to be done through dialogue, not impositions, that is a clear question. Now, there is a lot of information and many diagnoses. The same business sector, through Coparmex, is demanding a more significant increase in the minimum wage. They themselves are saying it is not enough, you can not live with that amount, which is something that we have always supported, nobody can live with 88 pesos a day “.

– “There is no longer the pretext that if the minimum wage rises, everything else will go up, that fines will go up, Infonavit credits will go up, et cetera. That no longer, the Constitution was reformed, a new unit of measure was created for everything else, and the minimum wage was released. Then, that helps to be able to have much greater forcefulness in an increase of the salary. In 70 years the minimum wage has lost 70% of its purchasing power. 70 years ago someone who earned the minimum wage could buy 75% more.

– The de-indexation of wages is a factor to avoid hyperinflation?

– “Yes, totally, and what goes up is only the minimum wage, it does not raise everything that is linked to it”.

-What is the proposal in monetary terms to raise the minimum wage?

– “We have an initial proposal in six years to double the minimum wage, that is a proposal that is under debate, and that is going to be analyzed, what if it is never more an increase that is below inflation, thing that just happened, now by the way (José Antonio) Meade was in the Ministry of Finance in 2017, and we need a gradual increase. “

– Then 176 pesos at the end of the sexennium?

“More less, yes, because we did not invent it ourselves, but the Coneval has said that the minimum line of welfare is to have a basic basket of food and services, by a person who works and an economic dependent, so the idea is that someone who earns a minimum wage can subsist, with a certain dignity and not be in the poverty limits as before.

– “Now, that proposal is going to be discussed, and of course we want to listen to the different sectors. What I do say is that it is not the same logic as before, just listening to a few. For the first time, we will listen to those who have little, those who have more or less, and those who have a lot. “

Source: noticiaszmg, el economista