Mar de Cortes Aquarium: opportunity for growth or privatization in disguise?


While some see a clear strategy of ‘dropping’ the Mazatlan Aquarium to give it to a few businessmen; the proponents of the project assure that there will be benefits for the Mazatlecos that the City Council could never afford and also reject that it will be a private space

The national or international company that takes over the operation of the new aquarium in Mazatlan for the next 30 years is already looking for, and the accusations that it is nothing more than a disguised privatization or the delivery of a public good to individuals.

Opponents to the work, which is part of the Central Park promoted by a group of businessmen and Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, say that the strategy is to “sink” the current Mazatlan Aquarium, which has been generating resources for its sustainability and providing services for almost four decades of environmental education and protection of marine fauna.

In contrast, the Unión Mazatlán Trust affirms that the city is winning by all sides with this work, by renewing the tourist side of the port and sowing trust among investors.

By Sibely Cañedo Noroeste