Eight reasons to visit Mazatlan’s historic Plazuela Machado


The Machado square exists since the year of 1837 and was built thanks to the entrepreneurship of Juan Nepomucemo Machado.

The Plazuela is one of the main attractions in the historic center of Mazatlan.

We share these 8 reasons why you should visit Mazatlan’s Plazuela Machado:

Reasons to visit Plazuela Machado:

-One of the most important historic and cultural centers of Mazatlan.
-It is surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings
-It is located right next to the municipal arts center
-It is right by the famous Teatro Ángela Peralta (in honor of the Mexican nightingale)
-Great variety of restaurants ranging from traditional regional food to international cuisine
-A quiet place to sit and chat with friends and family (Other than Saturday night)
-A good place to listen to live music on Saturdays or rehearsals at the municipal arts center.
-Great stage for pictures and selfies with the lighting on the Angela Peralta theater pillars,    sitting on the benches, or next to the kiosk.