Mazatlan will have an avant-garde Football Stadium

It will be for the second division with capacity for 20 thousand fans
By July 2019 it will be concluded, according to engineers
Mazatlan is less than a year away from having a second division soccer stadium worthy of reaching the first, with an avant-garde design with top-level facilities as well as its facilities.
Located in the north, next to the Golden Prairie Fractionation where engineers and managers of the work commented on the details of the progress.
Hugo Sánchez López, the engineer in charge of the project, reported that the civil work is about 45 percent complete, starting last year in the month of October with the lifting of the land that is around 10 hectares.
“We have a 45 percent advance of the civil work so we believe that for the next season of Futbol that is in the middle of next year will be completed the property,” he said.
Currently the prefabricated are being made, he explained, in bodies one, two and three in the relation of columns, having a capacity for 20 thousand spectators placing a natural grass.
There are around 180 people who are participating arduously in the construction, divided in the civil work, sedimentation, casting, carpenters, machinery operators and those who elaborate in the prefabricated.
Sánchez López, representative of Constructora Meprosa, in charge of the work, clarified that the investment is on the part of the Government of the State, it is estimated that once the work is completed the impact of the added value of the houses that are around will increase.
“We arrived in October of last year and the expectation of the environment has changed a lot so we think that there will be a lot of surplus value in the land and the houses next to the stadium, improving the economy of the sector”, he assured.
The exterior design of the stadium, if viewed from above, will have a shape of stingray and the outer edges will be shaped like sea waves.
The vanguard state of Futbol will have general views of three levels that are, boxes, top grade and low level.
The upper grade will have the capacity for 9 thousand 500 people.
The low level will be for 8 thousand fans.
Boxes with a capacity for 1,500 people.
On their sides they will have elevators, this in order that they will serve for the movement of food and beverages that they will sell during the events.