La Concordia a XVI century mining town in the heart of Southern Sinaloa


The port of Mazatlan has been intimately linked with the southern region of Sinaloa, for more than three centuries. Many of these towns, such as La Concordia, are gorgeous little villages that are totally worth visiting.

Founded as Villa de San Sebastian, by the Spanish explorer and conqueror Francisco de Ibarra, in 1565, this mining town attracted the attention of several Spaniards who began to settle in the newly reconquered region and invaded the lands that used to belong to the indigenous people of the area.

The constant “encounters” between the natives and the “conquistadors”, used to lead to aprehensions and arrests, and therefore, the Mazatlan presidio (jail) was founded.

During the seventeenth century the importance of the town declined compared to other mining centers in the region, leaving it with the pride of being the oldest colonial city in southern Sinaloa, with the first church in the entire state.

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