large investment projects to be completed in Mazatlan


Mazatlan to have services that any company needs, the city will be on the list of options of companies seeking to invest in Mexico

Part of the maturity of the current administration will be a “smooth” delivery, working with another team but with the same objectives, so that the investor does not see a kind of “channel” between one administration and another, said the secretary of economic development of the municipal government, Raúl Llera Martínez.

The municipal official said that the investments are not measured by administrations, so there will be pending projects that will materialize in the next period of government.

He reported that there are about 15 outstanding high-level investments, with projects of various spins such as industrial parks and the drone plant.

He added that Mazatlan, having the services needed by any company such as sufficient water, electric power, and natural gas, is included in the list of options for companies seeking to invest in this area of the country.

source; TVP