“HEART ATTACK CODE”, helps save lives in Mazatlan


The current medical program at the General Hospital of Mazatlan.

The General Hospital of Mazatlan has underway the medical program called “Code Heart Attack “, which provides emergency care to patients who come with an acute heart attack, implementing technology and specialized drugs in a timely manner, in order to save their lives.

"Infarction Code", helps save lives: Osuna Flores

Rodolfo Osuna Flores, director of the General Hospital, said that this medical program consists of receiving the patient in the emergency area and supplying them with the specialized medication, which is very expensive and that is granted free of charge to the patients who are affiliated to the hospital. Popular insurance if they enter with a clinical picture of that nature.

"Infarction Code", helps save lives: Osuna Flores

It was reported that to treat patients through “code infarction”, there is a special bed in the emergency area, with electrocardiogram connected and the availability of a medical specialist who can provide the necessary care for this type of emergency.

"Infarction Code", helps save lives: Osuna Flores

Even if necessary, it is moved urgently to the capital of the state, for maneuvers of high medical specialty.

"Infarction Code", helps save lives: Osuna Flores

Patients who enter the “Heart Attack code” are monitored from the moment they arrive at the hospital, to provide medical follow-up on the management of their condition, in order to provide timely specialized services in case of an acute myocardial infarction. be in a position to save a life.

By Veronica Arredondo


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