Hotel La Casona, the secret of Tequila Patrón


If you are a passionate lover of tequila then you probably already know the distinctive notes of the world-renowned Mexican brand, Tequila Patrón. However, what you probably have not tried yet is one night in the distillery’s exclusive secret hotel. 

Located in Atotonilco el Alto. Jalisco, “La Casona” stands as a beautiful construction of colonial and contemporary style. The architect, Héctor Castellanos Frank, created a space that dignifies the national aesthetics and the perfection of Tequila Patrón. Castellanos’ work is so impressive that he was even awarded the Lieberman Prize for best work in 2003. 

This exclusive hotel has only 20 rooms where you can only stay by invitation,  The place does not even have a website, which adds to its mysterious air that never ceases to fascinate us.

The modern and elegant interiors of the place generate an atmosphere brimming with sophistication. The finishes of wood and fine glassware are decorated with the bee of the brand that gives it a very personal stamp. Certainly, any visit from La Casona will feel lost in the kingdom of Tequila Patrón, from which you will never want to leave.

Among the most outstanding elements of the place is its beautiful bar where you can enjoy the 18 tequilas of the brand.  The three blown glass chandeliers adorn the room and at night give a subtle shine that creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

Peter Leder, hospitality director of Patrón says that the idea of the hotel is to provide a more immersive and rich experience to special guests who are not even charged for their stay.

“Before, guests were driven from Guadalajara to spend a few hours here,” says Leder. “Now, we can extend that to three days and two nights. There is more time to visit the agave fields and see the entire production process. And more time to experiment and try Patrón.

Some of the most outstanding visits of La Casona were Guillermo del Toro and chef Thomas Keller.