Sicilia Zardain continued: “I am concerned about the issue of amnesty. It makes me bad. It’s a wrong word, all for not messing with the subject of forgiveness. I am worried that they put it ahead because if there is no truth we will not be able to unravel which people are susceptible to this amnesty. We have to start there, not in individual commissions, “he said.The MPJD leader added that in terms of repairing the damage, the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) has a comprehensive model of victim assistance.”That this law cost us a lot. If it is not working, it is because there is no political will, “he said, adding:” They have promised us things, and they assumed things like nobody else. You have to have the political will and get to work; Do not turn it into a show. This of the Pope is regrettable, the resolution of the problem is not in the Pope, it is in putting us to work in what is already built and in what should be the agenda of the nation, “he concluded.Santiago Corcuera Cabezut, an academic from the Law Department of the Ibero-American University of Mexico City, added that the truth commissions for transitional justice will only work if they have the families of the victims in the center.

“Because without families, no! Without families, all transitional justice commissions are destined to fail, “he said.

Silvia Ortiz, mother of the missing girl Silvia Sthephanie Sánchez-Viesca (Fany) and one of the seekers of Coahuila, said she is concerned about the amnesty proposed by López Obrador.

“I am worried about the word amnesty, it worries me. I have put people on a silver flag and nothing has prospered, because there is no evidence, “he told Olga Sánchez.

Ortiz told the retiring minister that the next government will help mothers find their missing children.

Lucía Vaca, the mother of Alfonso Rivera Vaca, asked Sánchez Córdero not to cut the budget for the search.

“We are tired of the simulation, families are not going to stop looking for them. We need them to look for them, we need truth and justice so that nobody else disappears, “he said.