Summer vacations in Mazatlan: The heat is on!


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The “Pearl of the Pacific” is experiencing a good season of domestic and foreign tourism. People of all ages arrive at the beach in Pinitos, Brujas and Cerritos.

From early on, the tourists walk along the boardwalk, the seashore and others get to swim next to the Monument to the Fisherman.

The tide remained high, with small waves and people enjoyed all type of beach sports.

The “Mazatlecos” joined the tourists, who arrived with iceboxes loaded with food and drinks.

The locals installed huge umbrellas, tents and tarps to shade and shelter from the strong summer sunrays, and in roder to preserve the food and protect children and the elderly.

Some tourists organized their own party on the seashore. The music groups played for them to dance and sing. While others brought their own music and all together enjoyed the sun, sea, sand and of course, the “refreshing” drinks.

TMP Newsroom