Federal Police assures Sinaloa state highways safe


The Federal Police assures that there is surveillance and the conditions of the roads are good

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The roads are safe. Tourists and Sinaloans can travel without problems, said Roberto Gutiérrez Lara, commander of the Federal Police.

He added that the flow of vehicles has increased in recent days due to the start of the holidays and all the police forces are coordinated and actions to guarantee road safety have been intensified.

The tourism that moves towards Mazatlán comes from the states of Durango, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Zacatecas mainly.

There is surveillance

Regarding the violent events that occurred at the height of Mesillas, Concordia, the inspector reiterated that they maintain vigilance at all points.

They are also pending in the stretch of the El Carrizo bridge, where they continue with the work, to verify that the motorists pass without any mishap.

The commander called on motorists to respect the speed limits, otherwise, they may suffer an accident.

But they can also apply a fine, which amounts to 5,000 pesos.


The importance of checking vehicles before going on the road was stressed.

They should take them to the mechanic to be told in what conditions the unit is.

Gutiérrez Lara asked motorists to avoid cell phone use while driving.

This can cost them their lives and that of their family.

Many of the accidents that are recorded on the roads are due to distractions.

Mobiles and fatigue are the main factors of accidents and deaths.

Although also excessive speed, which is very common in cargo trucks.

The highway security operation covers from July 13 to August 19.

Although the surveillance is permanent.

Reported by, Blanca Regalado