Vecinos Con Cariño, A.C. (Neighbors Who Care) Expat charity


Who are they

Vecinos Con Cariño, A.C. (Neighbors Who Care) is a registered, Mexican, non-profit association created to combine the efforts of foreigners and nationals in projects that improve the lives of those in need, with sustained, measurable results.

What do they do

Their main objective is to support Mazatlan’s underprivileged children in their educational endeavors. They offer scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.  They conduct a perpetual clothing drive for our students and others in need including the Teacapan Migrant workers.

How do they do it

Their mandate is to provide “boots on the ground” support and believe that active participation by members is the best way to help our neighbors in need. Through benefit events, we support local Mazatlan Schools through “Cuota” help, school supplies and special projects.

They, also donate and assist Brenda of Teacapan providing food and clothing as well as emergency access to medical services.

In the winter of 2012, a group of like-minded Nuevo Mazatlecos decided that they wanted to help their less fortunate neighbors in their adopted home-Mexico. They realized that though there are certainly many fine expat organizations, (some were/are members of them) they were looking for something different. So with a little research, they discovered a niche for themselves. Realizing that, in addition to expat organizations, México has many help agencies as well, they decided to do the neighborly thing and help.

It was slow going in the beginning but that small group of people with a mission to help where help was needed, has evolved into Vecinos con Cariño (roughly translated: Caring Neighbors). VCC (Vecinos con Cariño A.C.) offer assistance to many organizations- national and foreign- donating time, effort, basic necessities and cash to a variety of causes. We have painted schools, donated to food banks, collected clothing and blankets for distribution to the migrant farm worker’s children of Teacapan and participated in English clubs at local schools.  We have worked with the Salvation Army Orphanages, individual schools, El Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF)-Mazatlán’s Social Services, The Bomberos Veterans-volunteer firefighters, and many, many, more.

Join them at their monthly get together on the fourth Monday of the month at Las Flores Beach Resort. Coffee served at 9 am. Breakfast is available and the general meeting starts at 10. Come for the comradery and stay for the satisfaction of helping your neighbors.