Misol Association is born, and Jatziri Espinoza Ortiz is its Representative


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  Jatziri Espinoza Ortiz as president of the new Association “Integral and Solidarity Women” (Misol) for the period 2017-2018. 
The official ceremony took place yesterday morning in a well-known restaurant by the sea. 
Misol’s first board of directors was integrated by Jatziri Espinoza Ortiz, president; Luz Esther Aguilar, secretary; Catalina Castañeda, treasurer; Yolanda Ibarra, Director of Communication and International Relations; Nohemí Rodríguez, Director of Training and Relationship of Projects, and Mónica Osuna, Director of Culture. 
In this event was attended by important personalities and special guests.
In his message to those present, Jatziri assumed his commitment to work for women. 
“I seek to represent the interests of women and make them aware of them in order to improve their situation, not only in the locality, but beyond, to apply formative processes that increase personal and social responsibility, the empowerment and development of women fostering the development and cultivation of leadership, fostering greater social participation. ”