Where to go in Mazatlan


You arrive in Mazatlan for the first time or you are planning to come and maybe you wonder where to go in Mazatlan or what places to visit in Mazatlan, we will try to answer your questions so that you arrive and live a pleasant Mazatleca experience.


Mazatlan to be a beach destination we recommend going to one of its beaches they are quite diverse one from another, since there are the quieter ones like the north beach that even has a swimming club, passing through high waves that is ideal for sunbathing and getting wet a little, Pinitos that has a little more granulated sand, the beaches of the golden zone that are very beautiful but as they are in the hotel zone have a greater density of vendors, Pato Blanco beach that is located near the mini mills that divide this beach witches beach, the latter is ideal for surfing StandUp paddle, cerritos that has more stones than beach but people like to go up on the stones or make a roast meat in the place, then there is Delfin beach which is the furthest away and that is where Oceanica is located (addiction rehabilitation center),the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay hotel and the surf up cafe.

If you go to the beaches of Mazatlan, we strongly recommend that you wear a sunscreen, dress appropriately and pick up the trash before leaving.

The Islands of Mazatlan

Mazatlan is characterized by its 3 islands in front of our coast in addition to the island of the stone (which is not an island is a peninsula) and if you like to go a little beyond simply leave your hotel and enjoy the beach we recommend you visit be the island of deer or the island of stone.

Both walks are very different from each other so let us explain a little more and know where to go in Mazatlan.

Stone Island. 

To arrive by boat to the stone island you can leave one of the jetties and it costs you between 30 and 35 pesos to cross when crossing there are no waves because the boats only cross the navigation channel. On stone Island, there are a dozen restaurants where you can try delicious seafood as in all of Mazatlan, you can do activities such as riding a horse, rent a quad bike, get on the banana or just relax listening to the sound of the waves.

If you are in the island of the stone you can visit the botanical garden of Amaitlan which is the first part of an ecological tourist complex that is planned to be built on the island.

Island of deer

To get to the island of deer the cheapest way is in a panga, this transfer varies from 150 to 250 pesos depending on where you rent the boat. Among several people push the panga to leave the waves on the shore of the beach so it is likely that you’re going to get wet (be prepared for it).

On the island of deer there is only one restaurant and the prices are quite competitive, you can rent umbrellas, chairs and tables but it is better that you bring your own umbrella because I have had to be warned.

On the island of deer there are usually no more than 50 people unless it is the day of the crossing of the North Beach swimming club and on weekends you will feel like a millionaire because there are usually several yachts enjoying the same beach. And we remind you to take your garbage please.

Malecón de Mazatlán

An obligatory place to go in Mazatlan is the Malecon. It is difficult that you can not go to this place because it measures 21 km and is the longest in the world. There are many restaurants along the boardwalk being the favorite palapas that are at the level of the beach like the hawks, blue port, the pirate, the current among others and the Cheerful Boy that has a great view from its terraces.

During the nights the boardwalk has a special beauty with its lighting and palm trees, as it is on the seashore you can walk along it while you feel the sea breeze.

It is divided into several sections, the most popular being the Centennial Walk, Olas Altas, Paseo Clausen and the part of Avenida del Mar Cercana a Valentinos because here is the Mazatlan sign and it is the beginning of the Golden Zone.

Historical Center

Mazatlan is a different beach destination because it also has a lot of history that has been kept alive by recovering its historic center.

Places you have to know in the historic center of Mazatlan:

  • Plazuela Machado
  • Angela Peralta Theater
  • Angel Flores Street
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  • High Waves
  • Mirador del Cerro
  • Diver
  • Mercado Pino Suarez
  • Hotel Belmar (the first hotel in Mazatlan)

We know that we will be short but there are many beautiful facades between the narrow streets of the historic center that you will like.

The tallest natural lighthouse in the world

In Mazatlan we have a sporting challenge for you, climb to the top of a hill to know the highest natural lighthouse in the world. Although technically the lighthouse you see from the outside, being on top of this hill with the great view you have of Mazatlan from one of the highest places in Mazatlan is incredible. In this place, you will find a glass-bottom viewpoint that many people are afraid of that which is a great experience.

If you are going to encourage me to upload it I recommend, wear comfortable clothes, appropriate tennis (we have seen women with heels at the top), water and the most important thing is to be aware of your physical condition and take breaks if you need it (do not be put under pressure) ), there are people who upload it in less than 7 minutes but if you do it in 25 minutes nothing happens.

Sea Pool in Mazatlan

La Alberca de Mar in is one of those places to visit in Mazatlan since this is one of the 7 pools of your kind in the world. The current one is the only part of a place called Carpa Olivera that dates back to 1914and that closed in 1957, after the years the sea pool known by locals as “pilitas”

It was remodeled in 2 occasions to leave it in the state in which it is currently located. It became an iconic place in Mazatlan and is quite visited in recent years for being in a pool of this type.

If you have gone you will have noticed that the floor is slippery so be careful where you step.

Museums of Mazatlan

Although you do not believe it in Mazatlan there are several museums some for the fans of Pedro Infante, such as the Pedro infante museum, the art museum, the shell museum with its fountain adorned with thousands of little shells, the museum of beer in the Highest part of the emblematic Cervecería del Pacifico (you have to make an appointment and you take a tour of the brewery). You can not say there is not anywhere to go in Mazatlan.

Tequila and Zip Line in Mazatlan

Tyrolean where to go in Mazatlan

Although this place implies a short trip in Carretera is another of those places to visit in Mazatlan because in this place there is a park where there are zip lines called  Huana Coa where they have a network of zip lines where you walk up an agave field and part of the forest that is around.

And we mentioned “tequila” and agaves because this tour goes in combo with a visit to Vinata Los Osuna where you can try this distilled agave that is not “tequila” because Sinaloa is not part of the tequila producing region.

Dolphin and whale watching

Not far from the coasts of Mazatlan you can see whales and dolphins, this trip you can do it thanks to the people of Onca Exploraciones who began to take people interested in the subject to be able to solve their work of information and monitoring of the whales Humpbacks

Mazatlan is on the route that the whales take to the sea of cuts in the Gulf of California, where they breed and breed. This depends on the season so get in touch with Onca explorations and tell them what you saw at Mazatleco.com

Mazatlan Aquarium

The Mazatlan Aquarium is a place that besides teaching us about the marine fauna also works as an animal hospital, besides helping to conserve the marine turtle  in the aquarium you can observe in its fish tanks a hundred of marine species, frogs, birds, rays, sea lions, sharks, Giant Giant Fish, Snapper or Sandpiper, Butterfly Fish, Mackerel, and flamingos.

A place that you have to know if you have never entered an aquarium so you can learn about the immense and varied nature of the sea. There is also a museum here.

Mazagua Water Park

Where to go in Mazatlan

If your thing is not to put your feet to the beach but the speed, the slides, the carruchas, the pool of waves, go down a slide on a float then you have to go to Mazagua. It also has pools for children and a food area so that everyone can enjoy this place.

The Mazagua water park is located in the roundabout before reaching Cerritos Beach at the junction that takes you to the Habal.

The Quelite

El Quelite is a beautiful town 35 minutes from Mazatlan, where the magic of its houses with tile roofs, cobblestone roads, rustic atmosphere, horseback riding and its viewpoint.

In this town, there is a famous restaurant called El mesón de Los Laureanos, which has been the promoter of this town and key to its conservation, besides having a very rich breakfast.

Where to go in Mazatlan? We hope we have helped you

These are some suggestions of places to go in Mazatlan, if we missed some or want to leave your experience in them do not hesitate to leave us a comment or send us a message. We hope this information has been useful and have an incredible experience in Mazatlan.

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