In the resolution of 2017, the Federal Competition Commission sanctions officials and carriers of Mazatlan for monopolistic practices through agreements; Atamsa returns to legal strategies and taxi drivers demand to respect the 2009 agreement, with which atamsistas received special units to make transfers from the city to the airport.

After a truce of nine years, the struggle between taxi drivers and Atamsa revived in the port of Mazatlan with the practice of blockades in May and June of this year.

With this resurgence, the transportation conflict for the right to move the passage from the city to the airport is about thirty years old, since according to records, began in the early nineties of the last century when the first locks were documented from the taxi drivers unions to the Auto transportation units of Mazatlan SA de CV Airport (Atamsa), the so-called yellow taxis.

All because State Government began to require a state permit to make the transfer of passage from the city to the airport, while those of Atamsa have claimed all this time that they have the right by their permission of the federal order to offer the service of the terminal air to Mazatlan and “vice versa”, which is the word of discord.