Barceló international hotel chain is flirting with Mazatlán


The hotel chain Barceló is most likely coming to Mazatlan sooner than everyone thinks!

Executives of the hotel firm met last week with businessmen and the Governor of Sinaloa.

The presence of Simón Pedro Barceló in Mazatlán is another step in the decision of the Spanish hotel group to “land” in the port.

The luxury hotel chain, Barceló, is one of the most important tourism corporations in the world and currently operates 13 hotels in the country.


In 1954, as the fledgling world of tourism grows into a reality in the Balearic Islands, the company decides to enter into the travel agency sector. It is clear to the Barceló family that a world of opportunities is appearing. This culminates in the founding of Barceló Viajes in 1964.

Similarly, the potential of the first large hotels, which attract visitors from Spain and all of Europe, does not go unnoticed by the group. In 1954, a hotel division is opened, as well as the chain’s first hotel. Naturally, it is located in Mallorca.

Along with the company’s first hotels, the Barceló innovative character soon appears. In 1965 they innovate with a new style of hotel: the Barceló Pueblo Palma. As with other Pueblo hotels, this was aimed at an essentially family-based market, with a broad variety of services offered at a good price.

International expansion, beyond the confines of Majorca

While tourism was born in Majorca, the rest of Spain does not take long to follow its lead and it soon consolidates into a destination that attracts the attention and the admiration of the entire world.

At the end of the 1960s, the Barceló Hotel Group management expanded into the remaining Balearic islands: the Barceló Pueblo Ibiza hotel (now Occidental Ibiza) was built and the Barceló Hamilton hotel in Menorca was acquired. In this aspect, the company turns into a bastion of new tourism that will be represented across all the Balearic islands.

In 1970 the expected leap onto the Iberian peninsula takes place with the opening of the Barceló Pueblo Benidorm hotel, another destination that, at the national level, undergoes a genuine boom and develops a base of affordable and varied tourism.

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