Sports tourism, one of the branches that are growing in Mazatlán


During recent years this tourist range has had important value throughout the world and the Pearl of the Pacific could not be left behind.

MAZATLAN. – There is no doubt that sporting events have become an important driving force in global development and Mazatlán is no exception. In addition to the obvious and vast benefits for cities, sports tourism is important for the economy for a simple reason: generates impact through direct spending in the community.

The sports tourism niche has had rapid growth in the lifestyle industry, generating billions of dollars each year, from weekend races, soccer, basketball or baseball tournaments, are some of the banquets, and In Mazatlán, the port has large-scale professional sporting events.

Without a doubt, sports tourism is a vast international business that attracts investment, as well as political interest, media attention and thousands of traveling participants and spectators.

As time goes by, Mazatlán continues to strengthen in that area, said Ricardo “Pity” Velarde Cárdenas, undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation of the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat.

He mentioned that an example is the Great Pacific Triathlon and Great Marathon 2023, which, from having 200 participants, currently has up to 2,000 registered athletes.

“We are very happy, right now we are leaving precisely one of the niches that has been gaining a lot of strength in Mazatlán, which is sports tourism, we must remember that the issue of the first division is ending so much, which brought a lot of benefits to Mazatlán, like the different events like the Mazatlán Cup, now the Ciclotour, the Marathon returns, and we are very happy with that,” he said.

“Something that is going to benefit us a lot is the opening of new hotels every year,” he expressed, highlighting Governor Rubén Rocha Moya’s interest in encouraging investment and, of course, supporting sporting events.

A spectacular end to the year for Mazatlán

According to the state official, the closing of 2023 will be historic in the number of visitors and economic benefits, thanks to the opening of new hotels that allowed the destination to grow by 25 percent of the lodging capacity, but in addition to the new offers that are being generated in the port, which make tourists who have already visited Mazatlán before do so again.

Connectivity grows in Mazatlán

The undersecretary mentioned that another of the factors that have favored this growth for Mazatlán is air connectivity with regions such as the Bajío and the north of the country, since, for example, one of the most important airlines allocated 10 of its 40 new routes to Sinaloa, which allows the entity to have a better connection with other destinations in Mexico.

“Both the Bajío and the city of Juárez are one of the most important routes that Volaris has had in terms of these new openings, so that gives us the opportunity to continue generating new markets. We have in the studies that have been carried out that many people from the south of the country are interested. and he is coming to Mazatlán,” he said.

Finally, he highlighted that Bajío, Monterrey and Mexico City have been the emerging destinations that have had exponential growth, however, they are thinking about reinforcing and increasing flights to destinations such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez, where already in this beginning. During the winter season, arrivals of civilians by air from these destinations from El Paso, Texas are beginning to be seen.

Source: Punto