VIDEOS: Mazatlan streets are flooded after strong storm 


This Wednesday night, a heavy downpour in the Port of Mazatlán left some people stranded on the streets that were flooded in some sectors. 

Some videos have gone viral on social networks in which it can be seen how the water reached chest height, having to walk with their belongings with their hands up to prevent items such as cell phones from ending up completely wet. 

Another of the recordings shows how the vehicles also no longer worked, and the fast-food delivery men had to stop their work due to the impossibility of traveling through the roads of Mazatlán. 

According to information from the Debate portal, at 9:00 p.m. yesterday, Wednesday, a heavy downpour was felt throughout the city accompanied by thunder. Municipal Civil Protection indicated that there will be more rains due to the development of convective nucleo off the coast of the south of the state. 


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In addition, the storm caused the electrical suspension of several sectors. 

  Source: El Siglo de Durango