Pet friendly places in Mazatlán to celebrate your dog on his day 


MAZATLAN. – International Dog Day is coming up and here, we provide you a list of pet friendly places to take your pet for a walk and spend a day together without worrying that they will get ypu in trobble. 

Isla Tres City Center 

Did you know that this new shopping center is a pet friendly place? So, what are you waiting for, go with your pet and explore this new place, you can buy a caramel frappe and be accompanied by your “hairy”. It is on Camarón Sábalo avenue number 1096, in Zona Dorada. 

Sister Cities Park 

Fly a kite? Throw a ball without fear of it crossing the street? You can do it in this park, it is very popular for everyone because in addition to being on the edge of the boardwalk, it is spacious and comfortable. We suggest you pack a picnic. 

Park Inn 

This hotel has a “day pass”. What is it? It is an access to the pool and its restaurants for a fee for locals and the best thing is that it is pet friendly, it can accompany you while you lie on a lounge chair to sunbathe. Do not forget to bring him his vessels for food and water. It is on Avenida Sábalo Cerritos number 3170-A, in Cerritos. 

Quirino Ordaz Coppel Avenue 

Another open place to walk with your pet and celebrate its day is Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue. Its spaces are pleasant for jogging, walking or simply sitting on one of its benches while watching the birds. Many prefer it at night because of how illuminated it is and they bring drinks and snacks to spend the time. 

El Malecon 

Another favorite place for many and where you are free to take them for a walk for hours, is the boardwalk. Be careful, take bags for their feces, remember that they are shared and public spaces and we must be responsible with our pets. 


This cafeteria opened a pet friendly space while you enjoy a coffee and a good dessert. They have a second and even a third level, it has a spectacular view of the Ángel Flores. 

Now you know. Buy your pet a good dessert and celebrate his day in these 100 percent Pet Friendly places. 

 Source: Punto