Support the cause! Grupo Arhe and Cerveza Bichola, official sponsors of the CRIT Teletón Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sin.- Fundación Grupo ARHE and Cerveza Bichola joined as official sponsors of the Teletón Children’s Rehabilitation Centers and announced a campaign to raise resources for the construction of new centers.

At the headquarters of what will be the CRIT Sinaloa, Juan José Arellano, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE mentioned that over the years there have always been people with disabilities, autism and cancer, however, thanks to Fundación Teletón They are opening up greater possibilities for these children and young people to get ahead.

After sharing the experience of having an aunt in her family who, despite her physical limitations, never gave up, or friends who obviously needed support that they never got, is a motivation for us, as a business group, to support a good cause that requires more centers, since the one in Mazatlán has already exhausted its services, even though it is barely under construction.

“Fortunately science has advanced, people with this spirit, with this heart, have put more than money because this requires time, patience, heart. And I believe that today this great challenge for us as a group not only represents coming, contributing and building, but sustaining it; The fact that this is an exemplary issue, that it can not only be replicated in more states, but also in more cities in the state”.

For her part, Rossana Corona Romo, deputy general director of Fundación Teletón explained that the work is on time and in good shape to inaugurate on November 22. On December 16, the Teleton event will be held to start with the attentions from January 3 of next year.

He recalled that the registration stage was recently carried out, so the next step will be the evaluations that will be carried out from July 31 to August 4, by 60 professionals from all the CRITs in the country, who will carry out a treatment plan for each patient, to whom he will give his corresponding card.

Regarding the Telethon 2023 Campaign, it was announced that it will start at the national level in September in which the ARHE Group Foundation and Cerveza Bichola will join the official sponsors with their message of inclusion, to raise funds that allow the growth of Teleton.

During the sponsorship announcement, Mrs. Francisca Hernández Ramos was introduced as a CRIT Sinaloa Volunteer and also had the participation of the child Jesús Miguel Rodríguez Moyeda, a patient of the CRIT Sinaloa.

The attendees also took a tour that was directed by Rossana Corona Romo, who pointed out that the construction is financed with the resources obtained in the 2022 Teleton Campaign; progress is 40 percent.

The Sinaloa CRIT will provide care to 400 children and adolescents with disabilities, as well as 100 children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families, thanks to a team of 65 specialized collaborators.

It is located on the Luis Donaldo Colosio bypass, at the height of the Huertos Familiares neighborhood, with an architectural design by CRIT Sinaloa inspired by the abstraction of a child with open arms looking up at the sky, symbolizing the hope that many children have when receiving their rehabilitation therapies in that place.

Source: Linea Directa